Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year - Website About To Go Live!

Well, its 2017 and some serious changes are about to happen!

It's taken a while but at last the finishing touches are being made to the website and it will be launched within the next 24hrs!

Here you will be able to buy my fabulous range of beard oils, "Freshly Dug Grave", "Black Sea", and of course "Citrus Mask".

Each identifiable and unique.

Whilst there are plenty of beard oil companies to choose from, most if not all appear to have the same recipe of pine or eucalyptus!

Neither of these are what a man should smell of unless he has a cold or is a squirrel!

May your 2017 be as wonderful as I expect mine to be!

Some men build a legacy - I decided to grow mine!

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