Sunday, 22 January 2017

To Beard Or Not To Beard

What is a beard?

A beard can be many things to many people. You can hide behind a beard or your can use your beard as a statement much like a peacock!

It can wreck havoc with peoples minds, some love a beard, whilst others shy away and actually have a phobia about them, commonly known as pogonophobia!

In some countries a beard is a cultural symbol, gaining the wearer authority, dominance and respect.

In the Western world and in modern times it is seen mainly as a fashion statement worn by hipsters who like to think they are cool eating lasagna from a bed pan whilst perched on a stool with the table at knee height! 

Or like myself who views simply having a beard as a manly thing to have.

My beard does not define who I am, rather it defines who I am not!
A majestic beard instantly commands respect, it also gives oneself a sense of worth. Not everyone can grow a beard.

Many attempt and fail dismally, some men are just not cut out for it at all. There are some spectacular fails around. In fact there are women around with better beards than some men.

A beard is an extension of you, it says a lot about who you are as a person.

But, your beard is only as good as the man behind it - Your beard requires maintenance, not a lot, but nevertheless it requires nourishment.

What better way than with one of three blends of oil, hand crafted by myself - Uri, Master Monger of Beard Oils.

Pop along to to choose your poison!

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