Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Why Do You Grow A Beard?

I'm often asked - Why did you start growing a beard?

There are many reasons why - Here are just a few.

  1. I always wanted to grow a beard.
  2. I wanted to see how I would look with a beard.
  3. I look more handsome with a beard.
  4. I hate to shave.
  5. I like to look at my beard in a mirror.
However, that is all total bollocks!

I simply had no choice. Having to lay low after a botched job where my security was compromised meant I was posted to a listening station high up in the Russian Tundra.

The nearest town was 220 miles away, where you could only buy fuel, seal blubber and an endless supply of tin buckets. Shaving was not high on anyone's list of priorities.

However, having a beard did have it's advantages.

Firstly during the summer it was excellent for keeping the midges away from your skin. They can be pesky blighters and a thick beard certainly made them work hard for your blood!

Secondly during the winter it was fantastic insulation, at -35 you need all the insulation you can get I can tell you!

Thirdly, it is amazing what a beard can do, it is brilliant for storage, I have found peas, peanuts, a small allen key and watchmakers screwdriver in mine!

Finally, having a beard gave me something to do. Listening to white static noise and the Archers is hardly riveting.

So it was here that I developed my first range of beard oils.

I spent many hours perfecting the right smells and ingredients.

I did make one serious mistake - There is no where any where that tells you that the smell of Rosewood, Pine, Musk and Jojoba oil is similar to the smell of a hormonal female moose.

Thankfully the door to my cabin was narrow and the male moose had a mighty fine and wide set of antlers!

It was a tricky business I can tell you!

So having had a beard for some time now would I ever shave it off? 

No - never, it has defined who I now am, whilst some men build a legacy, I decided to grow mine.

For more information on my range of beard oils click here - 

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