Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Cossack Beard Oil - Why Men Should Use Beard Oil

There are a number of very good reasons why men should use beard oil.

Reason No 1:

This is a very simple reason and one that most men would not argue with. When an ex member of the KGB tells you to do something, it would be wise to listen and take note of his clear instructions. Failure to comply with his request in a timely manner can only be seen as non compliance and a sticky end no doubt will be his demise.

Reason No 2:

A beard that is not looked after makes a man look older than his years. Beard oil will rejuvenate your beard and make you feel and look more attractive. However, if you look like you chase parked cars for a hobby, not even a finely kept beard will help you!

Reason No 3:

A healthy beard gives you healthy skin. Every day use of beard oil replenishes natural oils in your beard and stops it from becoming dry and frizzy. Beard oil gets right to the root of the hair and can reduce itchiness and dry skin.

Reason No 4:

Beard oil oxidises unlike water based conditioners, thus the beard oil will soak into your beard giving it a shine and lustre, moisturising your skin to provide you with a healthy complexion of a Cossack!

Reason No 5:

The subtle tones that the range of Cossack Beard Oils give off are particularly attractive to those who like their men to smell like men. We take no responsibility for swooning, fainting, sniffing of ones facial follicles or being followed home by strays.

Whilst some men build a legacy, I decided to grow mine.

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