Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Cossack Beard Oil - The Story So Far

The beard oils have all been developed an are being used on Human Guinea Pigs (friends) who so far have not developed any signs of burns, rashes or flaky skin!

This I think is a good thing, No?

The bottles have been sourced and the labels are being designed and printed.

The packaging for the bottles have also been sourced along with the information sheets, which tells you that it is not good to drink or rub into your eyes, unless you wish to use it to extract information from someone. It is then an excellent product which makes it then look like a bizarre accident.

I'm sorry old habits do not just fade away!

The website is slowly under construction, this will take a little while as I am not brilliant with modern technology.

Give me a 12v battery, a wet sponge and a length of cable any day!

My Ural motorcycle and side car is also going to be displaying the brand of "Cossack Beard Oil" Designs are being drawn up as I type.

So a busy couple of days, it is all coming together slowly.

If you would like to pre-order any of my fabulous oils, please feel free to message me.

Some men build a legacy - I decided to grown mine

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