Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ask Uri - My Beard Is Very Slow Growing Will It Ever Grow?

How slow is slow? Some people take a while for their beards to grow and others have the natural ability to grow one over night.

However, there is one simple test you must perform if you are having trouble with growing your beard.

Here is what you must do:-

1. Put your hands between your legs.

2. If you cannot find anything I would suggest your a woman pretending to be a man, buy some dungarees and change your name to Kevin.

3. If you feel two balls in a hairy sack then your in with a good chance of growing one.

Once you have ascertained your manliness, it just takes time.

As your beard grows you will need to apply liberal amounts of Cossack Beard Oil which can be found by looking at my website at www.cossackbeardoil.com

Stay bearded you magnificent bastards!

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