Sunday, 5 February 2017

Ask Uri - If I Shave My Beard Off Will It Grow Back Thicker?

Shaving your beard off to see if it grows back thicker is the sort of dumb ass thing that could get you into a whole heap of trouble.

You see, people have all ready got use to you with a manly beard, then you go and shave it off and all of a sudden you become a woman!

There is no scientific evidence that suggests that this would work either, so rest assured, throw all your razors away - NOW!

Having a beard is a most manly thing to have, the thought of wanting to shave it off, even if it is to see if it grows back thicker is a sure sign that having a beard is not for you.

Head to the nearest department store, and start browsing through the women's dress section to find a little number which will suit you and your feminine clean shaven look.

Even if it did grow back thicker, having to shave a beard off is on the verge of being a criminal offence in my book!

So there you have it - Ask Uri any question and he will give you a straight forward no nonsense answer!

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Stay bearded you magnificent bastards!

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