Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Poisoning By A Spy - True Life Stories

There have been many public accounts of what we would class as "Classical" murders by suspects unknown or (Spys).

Whether the authorities would actually wish to catch a spy opens up a whole new dilemma!

As we have seen recently witnessed in Kuala Lumpur with Kim Jong-nam being killed by the deadly VX Nerve Agent.

Allegedly by two women who say they had been paid to do it as they thought it was a TV prank!

By the look on the women's faces, I suspect that this is true and they unwittingly carried out an assassination attack.

But what will happen now? A lengthy investigation where the people who would of put the women up to this, will be by now on another continent lapping up the sun and drinking cocktails.

Gone are the days of spy's slipping polonium-210 in to your tea cup, a much more civilised way of doing things I would say.

Instead we have a girl in a white sweat shirt with LOL emblazoned on the front rubbing her sweaty hands over your face! Very undignified of the "Spy World" I must say!

Rumour has it that North Korea are responsible, but who is to say that it was not another agency.

Think about it - Kim Jong-nam has in the past been critical of the Norths regime so would be a potential threat and if he were to be killed it would be logical to blame the current regime.

However, what if it was another agency? The assassination carried out to warn the North that they can get to anyone and potentially upset them enough to retaliate thus giving the West an excuse to deal with them?

There are many complicated scenarios to play out, not that we will ever see the true story.

Personally I preferred the poisoned tipped umbrella method. The tip of the umbrella was so made that it would pierce clothing and inject into the skin either ricin or mercury, either way a death would occur.

This could be done on a busy street during rush hour with plenty of people around. Nothing as so innocent as an umbrella!

This was done back in the 70's to Georgi Ivanov Markov who was a Bulgarian dissident writer. The attack happened as he waited for a bus on Waterloo Bridge in London. The assassin has never been indentified.

However fresh evidence suggests that it may of been Francesco Gullino, a Danish national of Italian origin. His cover was of an antiques dealer. Nothing has been proven so far.

For the record I was at this time in Berlin at a listening post, spending hours listening to BFBS radio picking up clues on troop movements!

So you see, nothing is ever as it seems, so many twists and turns, plots, counter plots, it's a game but with lives at risk at every turn.

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